In these difficult times our adoption scheme is a lifeline for us, and will hopefully help keep the reindeer herd afloat. If you are in a position to help support us, you can adopt our very special free-roaming herd. All of us here at the Centre are incredibly grateful for your support.

For the long explanation, Hen wrote a blog explaining all about adoption… Or read on below for the highlights!

Adoption pack

For £42 per year, you can adopt our lovely reindeer herd and, in this way, help to maintain their enviable lifestyle on the Cairngorm Mountains. As an adopter, you become one of our valued supporters and in return for your financial support, you will receive a certificate and photograph of the reindeer, additional information about reindeer and souvenirs along with two newsletters over the year. You can also visit the herd for free (assuming we’re open – one person admitted free per adopt). The adoption subscriptions are spent entirely on the upkeep of the reindeer including their food and welfare in the form of medicines and veterinary care.

“Reindeer Adoptions make an unusual Birthday present for someone who has everything and an ideal Christmas present – supporting Father Christmas’s reindeer!”

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Adopted reindeer

If you’d rather adopt a specific individual, this is also an option. All of the reindeer in our herd have a name and are available for adoption, but we just put a small selection of our reindeer online. If you are planning to try to visit “your” reindeer, it is recommended that you choose a male. The reason for this is that our males spend more of the year in an accessible area where we are able to take you to visit them, whereas the females spend more time on the high tops. If you know of a different reindeer not shown online, then just get in touch via phone (01479 861228) or email and we’ll be able to arrange this for you. You can also select ‘Renewal/Other’ in the drop-down list and write the name of the reindeer you want to adopt in the ‘Special Date/Other’ box.

It is worth bearing in mind that whilst reindeer normally have a life expectancy of 13-14 years, some don’t make it this far, so choosing to adopt the herd as a whole may be a ‘safer’ option for those who may get too emotionally attached!

Individual reindeer available for adoption


Born: 2012
Mother: Fonn

Lovely Merida is distinctive with her white hourglass marking on her face. She can be quite opinionated at times but is won round by food.


Born: 2016
Mother: Emmental

Olmec is one of the lighter coloured reindeer in the herd. He is quite independent but a reliable and steady sleigh puller.

 Suebi ‘Sway-bee’

Born: 2016
Mother: Pony

What a pretty lady Suebi is! Initially quite shy, Suebi has gained confidence with age and absolutely loves her food!


Born: 2015

Mother: Dixie

Slioch can be an independent character, but is also ruled by his stomach so can usually be won round!

Born: 2010

Mother: Lute

Beautiful Lace is a real supermodel – she loves to pose! A friendly lass and a confident leader of the herd, she is a firm favourite.


Born: 2016
Mother: Gazelle

Friendly and handsome lad who grows small petite antlers. Such a friendly and handsome lad, and loves his food.


Born: 2011
Mother: Fonn

Lovely Hopscotch is a sweet lass who is calm and friendly. She grows beautiful antlers and is a great mum, taking brilliant care of her calves.


Born: 2011
Mother: Jade

Bingo is a handsome fella but also has a lot of attitude! He is a dependable member of our Christmas team but appreciates his own space.


Born: 2015
Mother: Sitini

Screel is one of the more… opinionated… members of our herd and can be a little big for her boots at times! She’s a lovely lass though and very friendly.

Ready to become an adopter?

Fill in the form below and pay via Paypal, debit or credit card.

If you are renewing, please select “Renewal” from the drop down reindeer list and enter your I.D. number in the final box.

If you would rather pay over the phone, just give us a call on 01479 861228 during office hours.

Due to new data protection legislation, adoptions for children aged 16 or under can only be accepted if the parent/guardian has given permission.

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Please note that we are a small team and make up every pack by hand, so in busy periods it may take us up to a fortnight to get your adoption pack out to you, but we do our best to be quick! If your deadline is within the next week, we advise emailing/calling to check we will be able to get it to you in time.