Over the last few years our adoption scheme has been a lifeline for us, and will hopefully help keep the reindeer herd afloat for many years to come. If you are in a position to help support us, you can adopt our very special free-roaming herd. All of us here at the Centre are incredibly grateful for your support.

For the long explanation, Hen wrote a blog explaining all about adoption… Or read on below for the highlights!

Adoption pack

For £44 per year, you can adopt our lovely reindeer herd and, in this way, help to maintain their enviable lifestyle on the Cairngorm Mountains. As an adopter, you become one of our valued supporters and in return for your financial support, you will receive a certificate and photograph of the reindeer and additional information about reindeer along with two newsletters over the year. For UK adopters, we also send a few unique souvenirs. You can also visit the herd for free (one person admitted free per adoption). The adoption subscriptions are spent entirely on the upkeep of the reindeer including their food and welfare in the form of medicines and veterinary care.

“Reindeer Adoptions make an unusual Birthday present for someone who has everything and an ideal Christmas present – supporting Father Christmas’s reindeer!”

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Adopted reindeer

If you’d rather adopt a specific individual reindeer, this is also an option. All of the reindeer in our herd have a name and are available for adoption, but we do encourage adopting the herd as a whole. Whilst reindeer normally have a life expectancy of 11-13 years, some don’t make it this far, so choosing to adopt the herd as a whole is a ‘safer’ option where we won’t have to potentially deliver bad news! We put a small selection of our reindeer online, but if you know of a different reindeer not shown here, then just get in touch via phone (01479 861228) or email and we’ll be able to arrange this for you. You can also select ‘Other reindeer’ in the drop-down list and write the name of the reindeer you want to adopt in the ‘Special Date/Other’ box.

Individual reindeer available for adoption


Male, born 1st May 2020
Mother: Gazelle

Adzuki has just joined our Christmas team this year. He grew a stunning set of antlers – the biggest of his age group!


Female, born 11th May 2020
Mother: Hobnob

Pretty lass Mushy is one of the darkest coloured reindeer in our herd. She has incredibly fluffy ears! A bit of a shy lassie but growing in confidence.


Male, born 8th May 2020
Mother: Gloriana

Handsome Butter is very distinctive with his white tipped muzzle. He is small in size but big in character!


Female, born 9th May 2020
Mother: Hopscotch

Juniper is one of the few reindeer in our herd who doesn’t grow antlers, but with her strong character, she is still high up in the pecking order.


Male, born 2nd May 2020
Mother: Meadow

Handsome Kernel is one of our breeding bulls, and has a lovely friendly character.


Female, born 11th May 2020
Mother: Kipling

Pretty lass Pip is cheeky and has inherited her mum’s greed. She has a definite independent streak.


Male, born 7th May 2018
Mother: Lairig

Bond is a small reindeer with a lot of attitude! Orphaned very young, he is very tenacious in character, but we can’t deny he’s rather grumpy too!


Female, born 17th May 2019
Mother: Addax

Texel (pronounced ‘tessel’) is one of the most distinctive reindeer in our herd, with her patchy white face. She is very sweet natured and friendly.


Male, born 6th May 2020
Mother: Brie

Cicero is one of the more reserved reindeer in the herd, a bit of a thinker who considers matters seriously! He’s a big lad and extremely good looking!


Female, born 9th May 2020
Mother: Pony

Turtle (named after the bean!) is a small reindeer with a big opinion! She can be a little bit cheeky about waving her antlers at us if she is in a mood, but is a lovely lass underneath it all!


Male, born 16th May 2020
Mother: Marple

Lupin was the smallest male born his year, but has matured into a chunky fella! He is one of the darkest coloured reindeer in our herd, and has inherited his love of food from his mum!


Male, born 12th May 2020
Mother: Addax

Hemp has a unique speckly nose, and (along with his friendly character) this makes him easy to spot in the herd. He’s very enthusiastic at hand-feeding time on the Hill Trips!


Male, born 4th May 2020
Mother: Merida

With his funny patchy face, and a goofy expression, Ärta is a real character! He can be a bit of a grouch at times – but can’t we all?!


Female, born 2nd May 2020
Mother: Roule

Peanut’s one of the very prettiest reindeer in the herd, and though from quite a shy family is growing in confidence.


Female, born 21st May 2020
Mother: Angua

Chickpea is growing into a lovely character – she has an independent streak but does love her food!

Ready to become an adopter?

Once you’ve chosen your reindeer, or the herd as a whole, simply click the link below:

If you are renewing a current adoption, please click here.

If you would rather pay over the phone, just give us a call on 01479 861228 during office hours.

Due to data protection legislation, adoptions for children aged 16 or under can only be accepted if the parent/guardian has given permission.

Please note that we are a small team and put together every pack by hand, so in busy periods it may take us up to a fortnight to get your adoption pack out to you, but we do our best to be quick! If your deadline is within the next week, we advise emailing/calling to check we will be able to get it to you in time.

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