What do I need to wear?

All year round, it’s really important that you have the right clothing and footwear for the Hill Trip – the hillside can be VERY exposed with temperatures below freezing for much of the year, and even in mid-summer the temperature can be below 10 degrees on a regular basis. If you turn up ill-equipped for the weather we may be forced to turn you away, and will not offer a refund in this situation.

In SUMMER it is vital that you bring the CORRECT FOOTWEAR and a WATERPROOF JACKET, and in WINTER you must also bring WATERPROOF OVER-TROUSERS*, a HAT and GLOVES.

*Over-trousers are not always needed, but depending on the weather occasionally will be mandatory, so if you arrive without you run the risk of being turned away.

You may wonder why we make such a big deal about what’s on your feet? The main reason is for your safety – you are walking out over rough ground into one of the most extreme environments in the UK. The biggest concern for us is that there is a GOOD TREAD/GRIP on your shoe, so you don’t slip and potentially fall. We CANNOT take you on the Hill Trip if there is not enough grip on the sole of your shoe, for both your safety and to cover our liability.

The second concern is that your feet stay warm and dry – it rains a lot here in the Highlands, and the ground we cross is usually boggy and wet, even when the sun is shining. This means that your footwear needs to be WATERPROOF so if you step in a soggy patch, you will stay dry. Finally, your footwear must have a CLOSED TOE, so no sandals or flip flops, even if it’s a baking hot summer’s day. The hooves of the reindeer have sharp edges, and if they accidentally step on your foot we need to make sure your toes are safe.

If you arrive wearing the wrong footwear, even with a pre-booked ticket, we will turn you away, so please check with us in advance if you’re not sure about your footwear, or any of your clothing.

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