Paddocks and Exhibition

From Easter to New Year a small group of reindeer are cared for down at the Reindeer Centre in Glenmore. The reindeer here are alternated regularly with the reindeer on the hill and we often choose reindeer for the Paddocks who may benefit from a slightly easier life off the hill. The Paddocks are self guided, are open from 10am-5pm daily and are perfect for children and for visitors who are unable to go on the Hill Trip. They are wheelchair and pushchair accessible, and as well as being able to see the reindeer, there is lots of information about every aspect of reindeer. Do bear in mind that the daylight does start to go from about 4pm onwards in mid-winter, and while there are floodlights in the Paddocks, visibility will unavoidably be a bit reduced. 

Please note that whilst you will get a close up view of the reindeer here, there is no direct contact with them and no opportunity to feed them.

To reduce crowding in the Paddocks, we are offering timed entry slots throughout the day – you are welcome to spend as long as you like in the Paddocks once you have arrived. We recommend allowing around 30 minutes to look round. Tickets are best booked online, or we can take bookings in the shop if capacity allows.

Please note that a few additional craft activities for children that we have done in the past, such as badge making, are currently unavailable. 

Paddock Prices:

Adults: £3.50
Concessions: £3.00
Children: £2.50
Children aged 3 & under are free.