Below are examples of potential terrain that may be encountered on our Hill Trip walks:

December – April 

From February to April, the Trip involves a much steeper and trickier walk than the rest of the year, over difficult terrain (with no path) and in adverse weather conditions. This can make it unsuitable for children, and requires a good level of fitness for adults too. We therefore have an age limit of 4+ from February to April, but do recommend visiting from May – December if you have children under 12 (when the walk will be shorter). At this time of year conditions are more suitable, with a shorter walk and better weather.

May – November

Our summer Hill Trip is mostly along a rough mountain trail before heading off the path onto the open hillside, and does drop into a valley and back up the other side, but we go at a relaxed pace and take our time, so it is usually suitable for most ages and abilities.

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