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We’re pleased to offer a selection of our products online, but if there is something else you would like please get in touch with us via email or telephone and we may be able to help. We’re also delighted to combine postage more efficiently than Paypal does – give us a call on 01479 861228 during office hours and we can take your order and payment over the phone.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We offer international shipping at cost – please email us directly prior to ordering if you would like an order shipped overseas.


Adopt a Reindeer

Help to keep the herd afloat in these difficult times… through adopting one of our lovely reindeer. You’ll receive a personalised adoption pack, two newsletters a year, and free admission to see the reindeer here at Cairngorm (when we re-open). (Contents of pack will vary, but includes a certificate and several small unique gifts)



Face Masks

SOLD OUT! Our new reindeer face masks are in stock, made locally in Dornoch! 3 layers of cotton embroidered with our logo. Please note that these are not medical grade. Will be in stock again in a week or two.


2021 calendar

We’re delighted to have our 2021 calendar in stock, featuring photos of our beautiful herd and local lochs, with plenty of room to write in your plans.  A4-size opening to A3. Planning for 2021 may be the way forward…


Whisky dram sets ****NEW****

Locally made and hand-dyed whisky dram sets comprising of 4 stainless steel dram glasses and a leather holder with our logo on the top, in a smart gift box. Great for use when out and about. Whisky not included…



Playing cards

Brand new edition of our playing cards, featuring a different member of the herd on each card.  Ideal for endless games of Patience, Solitaire or Poker!


Four Seasons DVD

Republished edition of our 2008 film Four Seasons,  all filmed here at Cairngorm, following our herd through their year.  Great if you’ve already watched all of your box sets! 30 min duration.


Antler Dog Chew

Sustainable, ethically sound chews made of raw red deer antler from our own deer who roam on the hill farm at Glenlivet. Antler is regrown naturally every year. Occupy your bored hound if you’re stuck indoors self-isolating… 

£10 each
£19 for 2
£27 for 3


Reindeer: An Arctic Life

In this enchanting book, self-confessed ‘reindeer geek’ Tilly Smith leads the reader through the extraordinary natural history of the reindeer with charming anecdotes about the Cairngorm reindeer herd. Become a reindeer boffin by the end of isolation! Hardback 188 pages.


A Year in the Life of Scotland’s Reindeer: Photo Book

This handy-sized hardback photo book illustrates and describes the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd as they journey through the seasons in a new collection of over 70 pictures. Reminisce about the beauty of the mountains…


Hoof Prints: Sixty Years of Reindeer in the Cairngorms

Hoof Prints is a nostalgic collection of photos and press cuttings of the Cairngorm Reindeer, with stories and anecdotes taken from over the 60 years of reindeer on the Cairngorms.  Let’s hope we’re here for 60 more!


Why the Reindeer has a Velvet Nose

Aimed at children and the young at heart, this lovely tale explores why reindeer have noses quite as furry as they are! 32 pages, hardback. Will distract locked-down kids for at least 2 minutes…


Why the Squirrel hides its Nuts

How did the squirrels come to hiding nuts as a means of survival? A sweet tale for children. 32 pages, paperback. 50p goes to Red Squirrel conservation.


Information Booklet

A booklet introducing our herd and reindeer as a species. Great for inspiring home-schooling projects…  16 pages.


Stationary Set

A wee notepad, rubber, pencil and pen – kids who are suddenly stuck at home can keep a diary of their experience! Colours may vary.


Reindeer Cards

A pack of six cards with envelopes, with three different seasonal (i.e. snowy!) photos of our beautiful reindeer. Blank inside. Why not get a head-start on Christmas cards now?!



Writing Paper, envelopes and pen

20 sheets of reindeer writing paper with 12 envelopes and a pen. Pen colour may vary (black ink). Brighten the day of a friend who’s self-isolating with a lovely letter!


Reindeer Pelt

We source our reindeer pelts from Finland, where the reindeer are still managed by the Sami people as free-ranging livestock. The Sami do not waste any part of the animal, and while the meat is eaten, skins are used for boots, clothes and bags, and are a valuable by-product. By selling the skins the Sami are able to supplement their income. The reindeer are culled humanely and never for sport or just the skins alone. We therefore feel able to support their farming practice. Dark skins tend to have the legs cut short. The snuggliest of blankets to keep you warm on the sofa while you watch your umpteenth film!


Colour preference

Tea set

Deal with the drama in the British way, with lots of cups of tea! Two coasters, tray, teabag tidy and a tea-towel.



Perfect for carrying mugs of tea, storing trinkets, or as an easily sterilised surface for a thermometer…


Tea Bag Tidy

Once you’ve made another cup of tea to raise the mood after the latest news bulletin, pop your tea bag on here to keep your counter clean.


Reusable Cup

Whilst you may not be buying a takeaway coffee, these are also great for taking a drink from home on your journey.



Needle Felting Kit

What better way to spend your time inside than by learning a new skill?? Whilst this is classed as “challenging”, Herder Andi managed this as her first needle felting project.


Photo greetings card

25 tiny photos of our reindeer on a greetings card. Rediscover the art of letter writing as a way to stay in touch while social distancing…

£2 each

Sami style Braided Keyring

Hand-woven in Wales to traditional patterns. Make your keys unique to ensure no one else mistakenly touches them…


Window Sticker

Something more cheery for your window than all of those “Coronavirus prevention measures” that have sprung up in shop windows (ours included).



Best to work with pencil on your calendar at present – there’s a handy eraser on the end too for rubbing out all of your plans…



30cm, four colours to choose from. Perfect for measuring out a social distancing zone!



Wooden Keyring

Locally made. Can also stand in as emergency kindling if society as we once knew it comes to an end…


Cuddly Keyring Reindeer

Because who can be worried with a cute wee reindeer on your keys, reminding you that things will indeed get better…

£3 each

Fuzzy Bug

Remember the Millennium bug?? Remember how simple life was back then…?? Perhaps our reindeer bugs will make everything o.k. again…


Rubber Wristband

Kid-sized rubber wristband, declaring “I love the Cairngorm Reindeer”


Sew-on Patch

Practice your sewing skills to attach this to your favourite bag, towel or jeans.


Pin Badge

Great for adding to a bag, cap or display.



Choose from four designs, all of our gorgeous reindeer.



Reusable Bag

Can easily carry a 5 litre bottle of sanitiser or 8 standard loo rolls. Folds into integral corner pouch.



Locally made, variety of colours (sent at random). Why not pretend it’s Christmas and that’s why all of the shops are shut?


Pop-up Reindeer

Build your own reindeer! Locally made. Let’s face it, you’re going to run out of ways to occupy the kids…


Pop-up Wildlife Box

Build your own wildlife box featuring a reindeer and other Scottish wildlife. Locally made. See above.


Pop up Reindeer Card

Spread some joy by sending this lovely locally made wooden reindeer card. Or keep it for yourself, to brighten the mantelpiece!


Antler Necklace

Reindeer antler and wooden bead necklaces. Handmade with antler from the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd. These will range in colour and bead size so please specify if you have any specific requirements. Made by herder Fiona. (One necklace supplied)

£6.50 (one)

Antler Earrings

Reindeer antler and wooden bead earrings. Handmade with antler from the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd. These will range in colour and bead size so please specify if you have any specific requirements. Made by herder Fiona. (One pair supplied)

£8 (pair)

Biodegradable pen

They are produced from ethically sourced sugarcane, in a hydro-powered factory, with a long life ink refill, and when it does finally run out it can be composted! Long lasting black ink. We can’t guarantee the preferred colour but will send it if in stock (choose from dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, grey, yellow, red, orange).


How many?
Preferred colour(s)