Fergus comes to visit..

The reindeer all take turns throughout the year to do a two week spell in the paddocks and this time it was Fergus’s turn. We planned it so it was around Mel’s birthday, as being his adopted mother two years ago we thought she’d like a wee visit from him. We didn’t tell her he was here and when she got back from work we brought him round from the Paddocks to the back of the house where all the reindeer-related outside prep happens. He acted as though he had never left and bee-lined straight for the feed sack and lichen bucket!

Fergus outside the kitchen, with Fiona and Tiree making sure he behaves!
Nothing like helping youself to some dinner!

Mel was of course delighted but he did not stop there. He had a wee jolly into the garden and as cars passed they certainly took a double take. Then he cottoned on that the house door was open. As a calf (collie dog sized) Fergus would regularly come into the house but we weren’t sure if he had out grown that. Turns out he hadn’t! He was straight in, having a good look around. He drank out of the dog bowl, and he visited (what used to be) Mel’s bedroom as when he was a calf he used to fall asleep on her bedroom floor. Tiree and Sookie, our dogs took it all in their stride and totally accepted that their old friend was back to visit. Neither animal was bothered by one another.

Fergus in Mel’s old bedroom, much to the delight of the herder who now lives there…
And wee snack in the kitchen! How thoughtful of us to provide food, eh?

He spent about 3-4 hours just helping himself to feed, going into the garden to graze the grass and coming into the house and falling asleep on the living room floor. Ruth, our newest recruit at the Reindeer Centre, was totally surprised after spending most of the day on the high tops checking our free ranging herd, when she came home to find a reindeer in the living room. Needless to say her face was a picture.

Sleeping on your snozzle. Not sure it’ll catch on, it sure doesn’t look too comfortable.

Night time came and Fergus had to go back into the paddocks with the other reindeer. I doubt this will be the last time Fergus will be in Reindeer House. It’s a good job we aren’t too house proud!


4 Replies to “Fergus comes to visit..”

  1. Aww thats wonderful……i just love hearing about Fergus and his pals…….4 legged and two lol…
    What a difference in the Reindeer from when i worked up on ‘the hill’
    in the mid 70s, Utsie was still there, bless, i think he would have kittens if he saw Fergus sleeping by the fireside…… lol
    Keep up the wonderful work… although I’ll bet it doesnt really seem like work to you all…..i feel quite jealous, a bit green lol, take care hugs to all xoxo

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