World Reindeer Herders – Council Meeting in Salekhard, Northern Russia

On Thursday 22nd March Tilly and Fiona set off on their journey to the north of Russia where there was a World Reindeer Herders council meeting. This was to be held in Salekhard which is a town at the bottom of the Yamal Peninsula, and also where you find the Nenet reindeer herders.  Here are a few photos from their weekend away, we will write a more detailed version of events in our newsletter in June.

For those of you who don’t know where Salekhard is, it’s in northern Siberia.
The view as we flew in over the Tundra and the big frozen area on the right is the River Ob
A welcome ceremony on the Arctic Circle
The first sighting of the Reindeer Peoples Festival – Nenet reindeer herders of the Yamal
Inside a Chum, a traditional Nenet tent. Here they gave us food and tea consisting of raw fish and reindeer as well as salted fish and a reindeer and potato stew. Opposite are other reindeer herders from other regions in Russia.


A Nenet lady in traditional reindeer skin clothing with her reindeer and sled.
Reindeer racing was one of the event the Nenets were taking part in. Four reindeer can pick up a fair speed!
Beautiful reindeer skin clothing
Long reindeer skin boots to keep you warm in their very cold temperatures. Reindeer skin products are the only suitable material in such extreme temperatures.
Reindeer Peoples Festival market
World Reindeer Herders council meeting
They really embrace the young reindeer herders, acknowledging that they are their future so this is a photo of us all. Fiona snuck in behind of all the lovely traditional clothing!


There will be a more detailed write up in the next adopters newsletter so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. What a wonderful adventure and all those beautiful traditional costumes! I look forward hearing more about it. No doubt you’ll be busy but have a enjoyable Easter all of you.

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