Merry Christmas all!

Well hasn’t 2020 been an unexpected year for us all?! We wanted to take the opportunity to share a little message on Christmas day – enjoy!

We hope everyone has a lovely peaceful Christmas and a good start to 2021, and big thanks to the wonderful Spud the Piper for helping add a little sparkle to this video – if you’d like some more bagpipes in your life check out his Facebook page @spudthepiper.



2 Replies to “Merry Christmas all!”

  1. Happy Christmas All!! Great playing Spud! Loved Raindeers 1st Christmas about little Holey Moley, my mum especially as she’s sponsored a rain deer for the past 24 ish years in memory of my brother Scott ♥️ don’t suppose your selling a CD copy of the show? Wish you weren’t so far away! Much love and thanks for looking after the beautiful reindeer ♥️♥️Trudy Wilkinson (Julia Simkin daughter. Hampshire) XX

    1. Hi Trudy,
      No DVD of the show I’m afraid as it wasn’t made directly by us, so we don’t even have a copy ourselves! We only saw it for the first time on Christmas Eve too – thankfully it wasn’t as corny as expected… Pass on our best wishes to your mum. Happy Christmas!

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