Shoe Box Photos.

Shoe Box Photos.

Hidden away, on the top shelf, at the back, layered with dust is a shoe box with a collection of old photos of the herd from numerous of years.

Here are a hand full of the photos, with some information about them.

Above; There is some of the herd back in 1985, Racing over Creagan Dubh to meet Tilly, whilst baby Alex was strapped to her in a sling. At the front leading is Arran born in 1979, central with no antlers and a white coat is Snow Drop, then at the back with a fine set of antlers is Angus.


This fine reindeer with peculiar antlers was called Jasper, born on the 17 May 1989. Son to Isla. Unfortunately, he was around before our data base, so we have no clue if he has any living relatives today.
Here is the herd back in the early 1990s coming off the Cas flats up from Caochan Dudh a’ Chadha. Things haven’t changed much.
Here is a photo of the path as you walk back towards the Sugarbowl from the hill enclosure, with Utsi’s bridge crossing over Allt Mor. This was taken in the early 90s. Though its not a particular existing photo, if you compare it to the path today you can see allot of change in only 20 years.
This photo was taken near the same spot along the path as the photo above. It’s wonderful to see the tree line making its way back up the hill to where it once was over 1000 years ago.
Lastly here is a photo from 1999 above Core Raibeirt looking out to Beinn Mheadhion (the hill in the background. The two Reindeer in focus of the shot are Aqua (calf) and Maxine (mother). Maxine cane over from a French herd in 1995. Aqua was later renamed Max in the autumn when Maxine passes away later in 1999, he was also a breeding bull so maybe their genes live on today.


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