The twins’ first walk

If you have missed out on the news of our twins then where have you been?!

At two weeks old as the twins were getting stronger we brought them down to our paddocks for a few days to make life a little easier for them. Fiona and Chris were away so weren’t able to give them their late night bottle of milk to supplement the milk from Lulu up the hill so they came down to the paddocks where Lulu could be given plenty of fresh birch and other browse as well as an evening bottle from other visiting staff members. We thought we’d document their first, of hopefully many, trips from the hill enclosure down to our centre and paddocks.

Leaving the hill enclosure for the first time
First time crossing Utsi’s bridge in front of some lucky visitors
Mid walk pause for a little browsing
First journey in Brenda (our reindeer transporting lorry)
The larger calf eyes up his new Kingdom of Glenmore
Knocking on the gate and waiting to be let into their new home for the week
Fiona tucking in the twins and offering them their bedtime feed


2 Replies to “The twins’ first walk”

  1. That bridge looks a bit uneven, is it just the photo?
    Nice to see them doing well. Good work ya all.

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